Professional Creative that is solutions-driven to output the best work possible. As a graphic designer, working either independently or collaboratively, I am able to create proper brand communication strategically, in a timely manner, and within a budget. I deal with all facets of design, direction, and production from working with clients, to managing a team of creatives, and working with vendors to ensure the quality of the final product. Aside from producing kick-"butt" work, I enjoy creating a happy environment, because let's face it who wouldn't want to smile when they work!

From digital to the canvas or paper, I equally enjoy creating my own artwork and creating custom pieces for others. I work with many mediums, and express myself in however style or material. I don't believe in limiting myself in art, and it's always a journey that I love! I also believe in using my creative skills for the community, so I donate my art and digital services within the community and to charities.

Graphic Design                           Print & Digital Ads
Art Direction                                Social Media
Logo Design & Collateral           Package Design
Brand Communication              Catalog Design
Marketing Strategy                     Direct Mail
Project Management                  Editorial Design
Client Relationship                      see more...


"While I was always amazed by her unique creative approaches and refreshing design sense, I also found Diane's ability to maintain composure during tight deadlines inspiring. Her work ethic is exceptional. Diane is a fast and extremely accurate solutions-provider with a bright outlook on creativity and life. She has an incredible knack for making you smile even during the worst of times. I am proud to consider her a wonderful business colleague and a true friend."
- Andy St. Angelo, former Art Director at HLD Communications

"Diane has been an inspiration to work with at 503 LAB. She has always been prompt and focused on scheduling our day to day responsibilities at 503. Aside from being a great team manager she is also an exceptional designer, painter, and graphic artist. Able to take any project from concept through completion with great enthusiasm. Incorporating new ideas and realistic problem solving to any design work. It is a pleasure to be associated and to work with Diane. She makes an invaluable asset to any team."
- Dan Cuenca, former Sr. Graphic Designer at 503Lab, Inc.

"Diane and I have worked together for almost 15 years in some capacity or another. For the past 8 years she worked as our in-house Art Director at Stephen Andrews Studios. We are an event photography and video company. She managed day-to-day design tasks either by doing the design work herself or managing a team of designers with her wonderful personality. Diane has a keen eye for detail and quality assurance so she was a natural fit for overseeing our print and album production, as well. She knows herself and her capabilities very well so what Diane says she will deliver Diane will undoubtedly deliver.  I would recommend Diane without hesitation."
- Stephen Strutt, Owner/Photographer at Stephen Andrews Studios

Charities I supported through volunteerism and donation of services: